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19 June 2021

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Sat 12 Jun 2021

About us

Go Create Taunton is a community interest company made up of creative practitioners who tirelessly promote and support artists locally, providing a much loved and valued service for the community in the form of 'Taunton Live Arts Festival'.

'Taunton Live' is the FREE summer performing and creative arts festival which celebrates the arts in all their glorious forms, making art accessible and available to see, feel and have a go at right in the middle of Taunton. With a wide and varied programme, we aim to make Taunton a vibrant county town in which to live, work and study again this summer with the third Taunton Live.

For a week, Taunton is our canvas, a cutural platform for professional, emerging and amateur artists and performers to showcase their work, while at the same time building community. All things creative is at the core of Taunton Live, but inclusivity and accessibility are key to engaging everyone and anyone in the Arts - the festival pulls together many creative groups, venues and cultural communities and in this way enriches the town and potentially draws visitors from further afield. 

Well,Taunton Live 2017 was an amazing success, bringing colour, arts, music, dance, crafts, costume and culture from Romania, Africa, India, the Far east, New Zealand, Scotland, Wales, and many more places to the streets of Taunton for a week in July, despite the crazy wet weather. The public clearly enjoyed what they experienced. 

28 Local businesses were tempted into 'adopting' local artists' and displaying their work, 20+ hand-painted banners adorned Hammett Street and 6 in Riverside Place, graffiti in the form of knitting 'bombed' many buildings in total 17 yarn-bombed sites, areas enlivened with colour and fun. (Monkton Elm kindly sponsored the yarn-bombing.) Art work from 80, 11-19 year olds, 700+ 4-11 year olds and over 100 poetry competition entries injected The Brewhouse foyer with the most incredible colourful wow-factor celebrating creativity, individuality and identity…this exhibition ran prior to the main festival from 12th July, creating huge interest in the main festival event and closed at the end of the month. 20 community groups and charities combined to create a banner trail, 2 local organisations supporting adults with learning difficulties, were included in our programme of entertainment too, showing our festival to be an honest reflection of all parts of our community. What a ball we all had - inspite of the rain! The Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre, Taunton Library, The Temple Methodist Church, The Quaker Meeting House, The Sangha House, YMCA, and the upstairs room at The Winchester Arms on Castle Green all housed a variety of artworks by more than 50 local artist and creatives.

BUT, we still need your help for 2018 so we can continue to offer and even expand our festival - so many people in and around Taunton benefit from the festival, but all of the organisers, artists, performers give their time and skills for free! We have no main funding source at present, and rely on the goodwill of many of our creatives to make the festival happen. It is important to us that the festival remains free and accessible to anyone who should like to engage and enjoy 'The Arts'.

Thank you for your support and good luck!

Yours Sincerely,

Liz Hutchin & Jenny Keogh

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